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How to Photograph Your Child at Any Amusement Park!

September 29, 2017

Every time I go to an amusement park with my son Jaden I use it as another opportunity to capture him having a very good time.  Whether it's him enjoying the sights, being interactive, or just being his plan ole goofball self, I make it a point to try and capture it all.  Friends and Family are always commenting on how I captured the day and how well I showed how much fun we have at our outings.  Well, I decided to give you a few quick tips on how I get it done! 


Shoot at THEIR eye level.


Shooting at a child's eye level puts the image in your child's eyes.  That seems so obvious, however; sometimes the obvious is grossly overlooked.  We are always taking photos from an elevated level because we are obviously taller than our little ones but a simple bend, down to their level makes all the difference! Plus a high camera angle gives the viewer a feeling of dominance over the subject.  Bringing the angle back down to eye level puts the audience on the same playing field of the subject.


Shoot often!


Being honest, this is the part that your kids are going to hate the most!  My Jaden's favorite line to me is "Daddy stop taking pictures!"  He always tells me that, or in some other variation still to this day, you would think he would be used to it...NOPE!  Even if your child is telling you to stop, that's fine, KEEP SHOOTING ANYWAY!  Now, I will say this, if you can see they're getting visibly annoyed...stop.  Pictures exaggerate everything, and I can tell you from experience that your photos will look terrible.  But here is the thing,  at the end of your trip you are going to want options, the best way to get that is by taking a ton of photos. You never know what moment that may arise, and regularly shooting will help you not to miss anything.  So click away and have fun!





In addition to above, be prepared and anticipate.  Be aware of moments that may present themselves.  If you know, you're heading to see your child's favorite costume character capture that moment they finally see them.  Position yourself to give you a photographic advantage.  Example, if you are going to a show, sit one row ahead of your child to capture moments like the one captured below.





Give context


Give the viewers some context of what is going on.  The last thing you want is to look back at your photos and struggle to remember where you were or what you were doing.  To prevent this problem don't fill the frame with your child sitting in a chair.  Get them seated in a chair with the Disneyland Castle in the background.  Give your audience context.  Try to have each of your photos tell some sort of story.




Get Details


If you can, remember to grab those small details of the day.  Grab a photo of their outfit, them eating their favorite snack, park ticket, all those little details that everyone forgets about! Even I forget to grab these details.  Getting the small things like this will work great if you are into scrapbooking.  Getting details will help drive the story of your day home! 



Trust me; I can guarantee that your photos will improve drastically!  Let me know if these tips helped you, I missed something or, even what you would like for me to cover in my next blog post as well as on my upcoming YouTube Channel.  Connect with me on any social media where I post tips and a ton of behind the scenes content!


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