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GoHamRadio Pop-Up Interview Recap

March 14, 2019

For those of you that missed it, last night I had the opportunity to be interviewed by my close friend Mz.FancyPantz of GoHamRadio. The interview was almost an hour long but, there are a few things that I want to make sure you all take home from the interview!  If you would like to watch the full interview click here. However, the overall point of the interview was to let you all know that I am at a juncture in my life where I am focusing more on my artistry.  Keep reading for the highlights!



1. No More For-Hire Event Shoots
When I first started out as a photographer, I was trying to book events left and right.  Honestly, it was the ONLY way I knew how to make money.  I never really got out of bed and felt passionate about any event that I was booked for.  That's not to say that the events I have done in the past were boring in any way, juuuuuusssst not my thing.  If "event photography" were a woman, the phrase "it's not you, it's me," fits perfectly.  I didn't feel like event photography was very nurturing to my artistry.  Mainly because I went to events and used my camera like a machine gun and prayed that by the end of the event I got SOMETHING!  I wasn't really in control of the photos I was making.  So, goodbye to event photography and hello to....shit anything else. 




2. More Creative Control of my Shoots
In my interview with Mz.FancyPantz, I said a very bold statement that "if you don't like my style of work then, I don't want to work with you."  Now, of course, that sounds egotistical but, it's not.  Over the past two years, I have had to make everyone else's visions come to light.  Which means, I never had a chance to figure out what my own vision was.  Taking more ownership of shoots also takes the stress out of the client-photographer relationship where visions clash or get misinterpreted. Trying to figure out what is in someone else's head is stressful.  To make things easier, I will show clients my style (while also giving them options) and not really give as much wiggle room as I did before.  If my style doesn't fit your vision, its probably for the best that we don't work together.






3. Strictly Film for Portraits  
If you read my last post "How Salvation Mountain Saved My Film Photography!"  you'd remember that after my trip to Salvation Mountain, I decided that I am going to shoot portraits on film.  This choice is more of a stylistic choice than anything else.  But, it is important for everyone to know this change, in case you would like to book me for portraits.






4. Establishing a Photography Community
I talked a little about my experiences with the photographic community in San Diego or lack thereof.  Not saying that there isn't one but, to me, it feels splintered and hard to navigate.  How I feel the best way to change this is to host events like mixers where photographers can come and network.  Expos and workshops for photographers of every experience level and status.  Photo walks, scavenger hunts, and so much more.  But again, I want to focus on the average photographer like me.  People that may not be published yet.  That may only have an Instagram and do most of their business there.  That, is my target audience.  


There are a bunch of other things that were talked about during the interview but you'll just have to watch, to find out!  Thank you to Mz.FancyPantz and the GoHamRadio staff for giving me the opportunity to open up on their station!  


Comment any questions you may have about this post below.  Or as always you can tweet me! Until next time! 





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